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Need to stock up the fridge or pantry? Have a list of items you wish to have delivered to you ready with the minimum amount of money required and we'll get right on it! Should costs exceed the amount of money given, you will be notified prior to delivery so that the pre payment can be made. Time of delivery based on availability and size of purchase. Expedited deliveries will be filled if possible with an additional surcharge of $25.

Delivering anything anywhere in the Anchorage area. Whether its gifts, letters or just getting an item to a friend, we can deliver it. Destinations in Wasilla or Eagle River will be subject to additional fees. No illicit materials or substances please, we aren't THAT kind of service.

Need help keeping your pet tidy or just can't get enough time to take your pet on a good walk? Give us a call, we'll be there to help as much as possible. We also do pet sitting!

Waiting on the cable guy or an important delivery and need to go somewhere? Well then give Infinite Errands a call, we'll be there in a flash. We also do cleaning services and will leave your home looking spotless for an affordable price.

There are those days that require something a little special or specific.  For those days, we offer - Custom Errands.  We customize any of our services to be a better fit for you.  Our Custom Errands have a minimum delivery charge of $25. Prices vary based on type of Errand.